Benin Mask in Black Panther #WakandaForever

Erik Killmonger, whose birth name is N'jadaka

By now I hope you've watched the film "Black Panther" so this post will not be much of a spoiler.

This is a dialogue from the scene in the British museum when  Erik Killmonger, whose birth name is N'jadaka was introduced to the audience.

Erik Killmonger: “Now tell me about this one.”
Museum guide: “Also from Benin, 7th century, Fula tribe I believe.”
Erik Killmonger: “Nah.”
Museum guide: “I beg your pardon?”
Erik Killmonger: “It was taken by British soldiers in Benin, but it’s from Wakanda, and it’s made outta vibranium.”
Museum guide: (confused look)
Erik Killmonger: (Laughs) Don’t trip, imma take it off your hands for you.”
Museum attendant: “These items are not for sale.”
Erik Killmonger: “How do you think your Ancestors got these? You think they paid a fair price? Or did they take it like they took everything else?”


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